2022 September 3rd ~ BuR-Roque Maitland
2022 September 3rd ~ BuR-Roque Maitland

2022 September 3rd ~ BuR-Roque Maitland

Event by Sun Street StudiosWollombi Burlesque Troupe and Mick Rippon

Duration: 3 hr

BuR-Roque is a Burlesque & Rock Show- FULL of C17th fantasy, soliloquy, poetry, cross-dressing, comedy, burlesque, debauchery & RIOT. It’s a PUNK ROCK Renaissance Romp with LIVE MUSIC played by Tania & The Blockheads! Mc’d by Dazza the Punk & The 2nd Earl of Rochester- We take a DEEP Throat look at the Restoration Period: When Charles the 2nd took to the throne, Puritanism went out the window & Londoners went back to their old haunts: coffee houses, cockpits, brothels & theatres- Getting up to fabulous NO GOOD! We take a looksy at The Earls bitter anti-monarchist life as a pornographic poet to King Charlie, whilst thrashing out COOL tunes from the late 70s thru to the 80s! We meet The Earls lover Nell Gwyn, his sex worker Molly Muff, his enemy The Marquis De Sade, his wife Candy, his fellow playwright George Etherage, his wannaBE- a Sea Merchant from the East & his King. All the while CELEBRATING MUSIC from Blondie, The Divinyls, Queen, The Radiators, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Bloc Party, Adam Ant, Jet, The Violet Femmes & more. Come along, be taken BACK IN TIME & witness the RAW MAGIC of these rough & ready worlds colliding.

Doors open at 6.30pm.

Pop up bar available.

Parking around the back, drive down Sun Street to find it.

General admission, except VIP guaranteed front row & glass of bubbles.

BuR-Roque Show Starts at 7pm.

We are the Wollombi Burlesque Troupe & we guarantee you a BLOODY GOOD TIME.